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"Blue Diamonds"

 According to the CDC, over 150 people die every day from overdoses related to synthetic opioids like fentanyl.  "Blue Diamonds" was written to raise awareness, not to glorify drug use.  The song is a tribute to many people, including some of our friends that have recently passed away.


Connecticut based Blues Rock recording artists “The Name Droppers” completed work on their follow-up album titled “Name Droppers II”, which was commercially released for distribution from HMG in the fall of 2022.  The album is available for purchase and streaming on all major digital music platforms. Their freshman album titled "Name Droppers" was released in 2020, and can be streamed by visiting the link below.

ALBUM REVIEW - A. J. Wachtel

Here's my CD review of a fabulous Fall blues/r&b release:


'Name Droppers II'

HMG Records

9 Tracks

After listening to an advance copy of this great Fairfield, Connecticut blues/rock/Americana group's second release, I am convinced that they are the best bar-band in New England today. Guitarist/singer-songwriter Rafe Klein and keyboard king Ron Rifkin played in blues legend Charlie Karps 'The Name Droppers:' and after he died in 2019; they recruited Bobby T on drums and bassist Scott Spray and continue his legacy today. Both Bobby and Scott are veterans of different Johnny Winter groups; and play tremendously tight together. The opening track is a cover of Willie Dixon's 'Diddy Wah Diddy.' Rafe notes: Boston's 'Barry and The Remains' covered this song in the '60's; and we got inspired by that version.' It rocks. Check out the middle instrumental part of the tune and hear how well these musicians interact. There are rockers and there are ballads: and the two main influences I hear are Southern blues and r&b; and Americana. By Southern blues and r&b, I mean that these melodies are more Memphis than Chicago or Detroit. The arrangements and Rifkin's keys are a big part of this. Check out: 'I Haven't Heard From You,' by Charlie Karp; with a nice organ opening; and 'Love Expressway.' Written by Klein, this Americana ballad is a slick song. Nice organ and Bobby T's solid pounding stand out. It's also interesting and cool to hear how the guitar and keyboards play together. I really dig: 'My Blue Guitar' with it's Chuck Berry guitar opening. The gruff vocals on this rocking song are perfect for the tempo; and the backing vocals by the band are killer too. Bobby T's drums and Scott's bass provide the great rhythm section on 'Cry For You;' and drive the tune. Both are written by Rafe and Bobby T, and really showcase how tight these cats play together. THIS is how a bar-band should sound like in 2022. The cd will be available in the Fall. Go to to get your own copy! Perfectly produced by Vic Steffens, the songs sound great coming out of my speakers. Did I say best bar-band in New England? They might be the best bar-band on the planet. Play this music loud!


A.J. Wachtel


Name Droppers II

Name Droppers  
Released 6/7/2020

Click  here to hear the album on Spotify 
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